what do you mean they’re not canon


who are you kidding karkat your whole face is turning red

Merry Christmas everyone have some more Davekat (/ ’ v ’ )/

OTP Challenge Day 7- Cosplaying

oooh tuxedo vantas ooh


I…kind of colored it?

Day 6- Wearing each other’s clothes

Oh shoot when was the last time I posted anything here it’s like the moment school started I had no time to do anything

I apologize for shitty drawing I am too lazy to get out my tablet but maybe one day I will draw over this and color it. ( u v u )

Dave is supposed to be bending his knees and super slouching to get down to Karkat’s level but I’m still really bad at drawing full bodies hahahaha. Karkat’s sweater is pretty big on Karkat so it fits Dave okay but the sleeves are too short and Dave is basically making fun of Karkat for that because his shirt is supposed to be kind of tight on Karkat but the sleeves are too long.

Pacific Rim AU for Homestuck

Also on AO3 here.

Will probably eventually be Davekat if I keep at it.

Your name is Dave Strider and you are fucking ECSTATIC. You’ve recently graduated from The Jaeger Academy (with the top combat scores no less, Bro was real proud) and you are finally going to get a chance to go fight against the Kaiju. Only 16, you’re one of the youngest to graduate (though technically, John is younger since his birthday is a few months after yours but who cares).

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i tired

dave is supposed to be putting a blanket over tired karkat because he is nice caring boyfriend who carries a blanket with him in his sylladex all the time just in case his boyfriend collapsed somewhere in exhaustion

want someone to do that for me too if i collapse in exhaustion

oh dave

Kind of late but new follower (/ ’ v ’ )/ Have a Karkat that hopefully kind of fits your username. ( u v u ) Thanks for following!

Super quick and little thing that doesn’t actually make sense because Karkat’s like leaning on nothing so just pretend Dave is about to pull him in or something